Leadership Is Calling

You’re Doing It Wrong: Why Judgment Clouds Your Best Thinking | Episode 4

October 27, 2022 Leading Edge Teams Episode 4
Leadership Is Calling
You’re Doing It Wrong: Why Judgment Clouds Your Best Thinking | Episode 4
Show Notes

Learn how to “Release Judgment to Compassion” so that you can…

  • Resolve the things that trigger you into a self-protective so you can solve for the future
  • Use step 4 of the CCORE process to 10x your ability to get back into Self-Leadership quickly 
  • Drop judgments that you think of as right or wrong / good or bad so that you can see a bigger picture 
  • Ask yourself 2 key questions to determine whether you are judging or not and what to do instead

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About Leading Edge Teams:

Leading Edge Teams is a consulting and training company that provides entrepreneurial companies leadership training and executive coaching in groups and one-on-one, online and in person. We have an unparalleled track record of helping businesses achieve massive, sustainable, team-driven growth. Annie Hyman Pratt founded Leading Edge Teams in 2014 based on her unique, decades-long experience as both a successful C-level executive and a highly sought-after business adviser. 

About Annie Hyman Pratt:

Annie Hyman Pratt’s mastery is developing leaders, teams and infrastructure that drives business growth—so entrepreneurs can do the strategic and creative parts while also having the time, freedom, and positive impact they desire.

At age 22, Annie took the reins and became the CEO of her family business, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. A trailblazer for women in business, she more than 10X’d the business to 70-plus stores, and then led the company through a highly successful sale.

After the sale of The Coffee Bean, Annie moved into interim C-suite executive work and top-tier business consulting. She became an expert in guiding companies through rapid growth and complex turnarounds while working within diverse industries.

Annie’s specialty in “The People Part” was further cultivated through her study at the University of Santa Monica, where she learned what it really takes for human beings to transcend their “quick to judge” and self-protective nature and instead work together to reach their full potential.